Diabetes is when the body lacks the ability to remove Blood Sugar (Glucose) from the blood stream. An individual who is diabetic will take Insulin; a protein designed to aid in the removal of Glucose from the blood stream.

If an Individual is a Type 1 Diabetic, their ability to produce Insulin is either usually very reduced or lacking.


A type 2 Diabetic individual can produce Insulin but the body’s ability to use the Insulin for the purpose of removing Glucose from the blood stream becomes reduced, resulting result in high blood Glucose levels.


Though we need Glucose for energy production, too much of glucose can cause severe damage to multiple different types of tissue in the body. 

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Preventative Podiatric Care

A preventative podiatric care regimen is recommended to be able to detect early on any foot problem in patients with diabetics. This includes regular assessment of the both feet with debridement of calluses. 

Diabetic Complications Treated

Diabetes can cause complications that affect the health of the feet. Conditions like nerve damage and poor circulation can cause loss of feeling in your feet which can lead to the inability to detect injuries to your feet.  Additionally, these conditions can make it very difficult for injuries to heal.

Associated Foot Care Clinic, Inc. with Dr. James Leonard Knudson treats and manages diabetic foot conditions as well as the complications that arise from such as diabetic ulcers. 

Diabetic Foot Management

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