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Culver City Foot Doctor Associated Foot Care Clinic 9808 Venice Blvd. Dr. Leonard Knudson DPM
Google 5 Stars Top Rated Podiatrist Dr. Leonard Knudson Culver City Podiatrist Associated Foot Care Clinic, Inc.
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A Podiatrist Group

J. Leonard Knudson, DPM

Associated Foot Care Clinic, Inc.

Podiatrist in Culver City, CA

Dah W.

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Dr. Leonard Knudson Treated me for a rather harsh case of Athlete's foot that I developed while vacationing in the Caribbean. His prescription and diagnosis was right on the money, and he was able to take care of my needs in 1 quick session. His front desk staff were warm and did a great job at taking care of the billing issues with my Health Insurer.
I highly recommend him for anything Foot related!

Carole P.

September 24, 2018

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I had some surgery for a minor skin cancer on my ankle which became infected and created a wound that would not heal. After a month of trying the surgeon sent me to Dr. J.Knudson at the Center located in Culver City, CA
He is an M.D., a licensed Podiatrist and a licensed Pharmacologist.
I think he is the really is the best in the Los Angeles area.
He has many years of experience with stubborn cases. Gradually he used various forms of treatment until I was finally cured.  His staff at chair side and in the office work like a well oiled clock. How fortunate I was to have found him.  I am now back to my previous activity and health.
They deserve more than 5 stars.

Wendy G.

August 24, 2016

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So I've been having a lot of foot problems lately... Pain here and there but I figured it was due to my recent increased physical activity. However, I noticed that the more walking and running I did the more and more my bunion started hurting and now it was beginning to pertrude from my foot so I became more concerned. My best friend recommended I see Dr. Knudson so I made an appointment and saw him. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain what was going on with my feet and how my bone structure was affected by the shoes I was wearing. He took x-rays to determine the condition of my feet before making any suggestions for treatment. He noticed my arch and bones were in ok condition and said I didn't need surgery (which I was originally thinking was the case.) He then went on to say that a bit of physical therapy may help and that depending on how that worked he may need to prescribe custom insoles. The price was super reasonable and affordable something I wasn't expecting from my previous experience with other foot doctors/specialists. I became his client since my consultation and will be seeing him twice a week! I am grateful and thankful to have such a knowledgeable and trustworthy foot doctor and will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family!!!

Wendy Galvez 5 Star Yelp Review Culver City Foot Doctor Associated Foot Care Clinic 9808 Venice Blvd. Dr. Leonard Knudson DPM

Lindsey N.

January 23, 2014

Google 5 Stars.png

Very nice office personnel and the doctor was very kind and knowledgable. I would recommend this office highly!

Gina F. 

December 13, 2013

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I visited Associated Foot Care, Dr. Leonard Knudson for consultation on my right foot that needed surgery and Dr Knudson is actually the second Dr. I am visiting regarding my foot problem since the first foot Dr, I went to was like the waiting game type of DR,(I guess wait until it gets worst) uggghhh!!! So I was not sure what Dr. Knudson would say~~~Oh wow! this Dr. is really really awesomely nice and so full of compassion.  He x-rayed my foot right away and next thing you know, I had my schedule for my foot surgery !  Everything went smooth, didn't feel pain at all, I walk in at 7am and out by 10am...limping a little bit and had 3 follow up visit where my foot received TLC each time :))) so I am so happy with Dr. Knudson!!! THE BEST FOOT DR IN CULVER CITY !!!! fully recommend him~~very comfy office with soft music and lovely staff to help you. I GIVE HIM 10

Vidya R.

May 24, 2012

Google 5 Stars.png

Great doc. He has a good balance of being in the business for 25 years and also acknowledging modern medicine. Thumbs up

Alaysia S.

December 4, 2012

Google 5 Stars.png

He was very thorough and professional. Made me feel better and gave me options for treatment.

Jim E.

August 8, 2011

Google 5 Stars.png

Dr. Leonard Knudson is a terrific doctor, and I give him my highest endorsement. He immediately recognized my condition as ingrown toenails - on two toes - and treated them and prescribed an antibiotic for infection. He is very nice, and extremely competent and experienced.
His staff was also very nice, and the charge was very reasonable.

If you have a foot problem, he is the guy to see.

Russ R.

February 3, 2011

Google 5 Stars.png

Very straightforward and practical about treatment strategies for what was becoming a serious problem with bones and tendons (too much jogging and barefoot in earlier years). Dr Knudson diagnosed my feet and associated walking issues, and gave me options for orthotics versus the risks of surgery.

He took care to explain the issues, and to listen to my input about adjustments to the orthotic fittings. Great to find a kind doctor who knows his specialization in depth, and who is collaborative with the patient.

Staff there have always been so friendly and helpful. Seems like a great team all around who are there for the patients they serve professionally.

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