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A shoe insert that supports the abnormal movement of a foot. Made of different materials and quality; not all orthotics are created equal.

Custom Orthotics also serves as an integral part of training for runners and all kinds of athletes. 


They can be a tool to relieve pain, preserve bone and joint health and function, and even enhances performance.

Those experiencing constant foot pain in the arch or heel need a quality orthotic made to support the foot. 

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While it may provide some short term relief, even the most cushioned insole won’t fix the problem long term.


A custom orthotic is a prescribed medical device from a doctor to help alleviate and prevent foot, ankle, and knee pain, and improve your balance and foot function in general, such as:

  • Support your feet and legs whenever weight bearing to increase confidence and sports performance.

  • Improves your balance.

  • Improves chronic and acute sports injuries.

  • Optimize shoe fit and comfort and absorb shock.

  • Eliminates low back pain from leg length inequalities.

  • Improve weight distribution and posture.

  • Help your child’s foot grow in more neutral or anatomically aligned position.

  • Alter abnormal foot functioning position to correct many common foot ailments or prevent them from getting worse.

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Schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Leonard Knudson - a Culver City Foot Doctor for a custom foot orthotic. Dr. J. Leonard Knudson is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in Culver City and near West Los Angeles that is able to provide proper, customize foot orthotic for you. 

We look forward to meeting your foot and ankle needs.

Our Los Angeles Foot Doctor is Certified by the The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, is a California Licensed Podiatrist and has a Doctorate Degree in Podiatric Medicine.

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