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If you’ve injured your foot on a hike, run, or bike ride, the first question you’ll probably ask is: Do I need to see a doctor? The good news is that if your pain is only mild, it’ll probably go away on its own after a couple weeks—especially if you rest. 

You should make a doctor’s appointment after a foot injury if:

  • you feel pain in your foot for most of the day and it’s been a few weeks since your injury.

  • you have swelling that isn’t getting better two to five days after your injury.

  • your pain worsens over time.

  • you feel tingling, numbness, or burning pain —especially in the bottom of your foot.

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Even though many foot injuries heal on their own, some foot injuries require immediate treatment.

You should go to urgent care for injuries with:

  • Mild to moderate pain

  • Tingling, burning, or numbness in your foot

  • Difficulty walking or bearing weight

  • New foot or toe deformities

  • Swelling that does not get better within a few days of an injury

  • Bruising

Go to the emergency room if:

  • You think your foot could be infected

  • There’s an open wound on your foot

  • You can’t walk or put weight on your foot

  • There are broken bones coming through your skin

  • You feel lightheaded or dizzy

  • You experience severe bleeding

  • Pus is coming out of your foot

You may have an infection if the skin around your injury is warm, red, or tender. You may also have an infection if you have a fever over 100 degrees F.

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Schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Leonard Knudson - a Culver City Foot Doctor for you Foot Injury consultation. Dr. J. Leonard Knudson is a Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in Culver City and near West Los Angeles that is able to provide proper foot injury treatment.

We look forward to meeting your foot and ankle needs.

Our Los Angeles Foot Doctor is Certified by the The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, is a California Licensed Podiatrist and has a Doctorate Degree in Podiatric Medicine.

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